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13 Tips On Finding True Love In 2018

With the holidays here and  Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air. For some, we spend it with our husbands, wives, or significant others. There are others who are out there in pursuit of finding their one and only true love. We all deserve that love. The kind of love that makes you have butterflies in your […]

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8 Signs You Are The Side Chick

We never want to be her. We will spend many girl nights out talking about her. How can she tear up a family like that? He is married for goodness sake! Does she even care he has another woman? Why can’t she find her own man? Slut! The side chick. The clean up woman. The homewrecker. We all have had […]

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10 Christmas Traditions For Couples

It’s that time a year! Time for holiday parties, nutmeg, friends, and making great memories. One thing we have to remember is to take time out for your spouse during this time.Things can get pretty hectic with hectic with holiday shopping and trying to ensure the holidays are perfect for everyone. We tend to forget the person beside us help […]

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