Janet Jackson & Hubby At Odds About Son’s Upbringing

Janet Jackson and her estranged hubby Wissam Al Mana are not on the same terms when it comes to parenting their son Eissa. Deputies left after they checked the home and made sure Eissa was safe to stay with his Dad.

Jackson called the police for a wellness check up Saturday night while 17 month old Eissa was staying with his father overnight.

A Jackson family source says the two have never agreed on how to parent their son.

“Since their divorce, they are trying to raise their son together. Their cultural differences, that also ended their marriage, are tricky to work around though,” the Jackson family source explains. “They have very different ideas about how to raise Eissa. Janet has expressed frustration about this in the past.”

“During their marriage, Janet worked hard on adapting to Wissam’s culture, but she found it challenging,” adds the Jackson family source. “She often found herself disappointed with Wissam. Now when they share custody, it’s very difficult for Janet that Wissam has a completely different parenting approach than she does.”

Is it me or wouldn’t someone talk about the religious differences in raising children before even thinking about having a child?


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