6 Real Relationship Deal Breakers


Hello classmates! There are times that there are true reasons to really end a relationship. These days people will find any reason to break up and move on to the next. He doesn’t watch the same TV shows, he is too darn nice, he calls his mother four times a week, etc. I had one girlfriend that stopped talking to a guy because he was texting her “Good morning!” every day. She said he was doing too much. I thought most women would love that right?
It is so easy to leave your man and get with the next guy. Social media and dating sites have gotten people ready to leave a relationship at the drop of a hat because it only takes a click of the mouse to find the next boo thang.

So let’s cut to the chase and get to what are true deal breakers.

Reasons to seriously call it quits and get the hell out of dodge!

1. He Won’t Let You Be You

He doesn’t like the way you wear your hair. If you natural, it is too nappy. Relaxer? You trying to be white and hate your African roots. Cut in a fade, you look like a man. He doesn’t like the way you dress, your weight, hates what you watch on TV, and dislikes the music that you listen to. Hell, does he really even like YOU? If wants you to change everything that makes you YOU, then obviously it’s not you that he wants. If you can’t be yourself, then he is not the one for you. You will never be happy pretending to be someone else.

2. Suga Mama

He doesn’t have a job. Not enrolled in any type of college or technical school. No goals or aspirations in life. He is at the age where he should be in a career or at least ready to walk through the doors and climb up the ladder, but instead he is still trying to figure it out. As a result, you are helping him get by in life. Paying all the bills, being his Uber driver, and feeding and clothing him. At a certain point in life a man has to be a man. It is not your responsibility to raise a grown man. Do you seriously have time to do what his Mama and Daddy should have done years ago? If you find yourself in this situation, tell him to call Tyrone!

3. He Is Already Taken

Yes he is unhappy. Yes their relationship is really over because he doesn’t sleep in the same bed and they haven’t had sex in months. Yes he just needs a woman to do everything she is not doing. And yes you want to be the woman to do just that. With all that comes with being second best. Your Valentine’s day is February 15th, your Christmas is December 26. It just so happens he has to go out of town with his family on your birthday. You spend almost every night in the bed alone. Would he really be worth it?

4. Abuse/Drug Problems

This one goes hand in hand. These are absolute deal breakers As soon as you see the first signs of physical and mental abuse or drug problems. Run! There is no excuse for a man to put his hands on you. And dealing with drug issues can lead to abusive behaviors. It is best to get out of this one asap.

5. Is Not Considerate of Your Time

You just got finished putting on your sexy red bottoms and he texts, “Can’t make it tonight.” He was supposed to pick you up at 8pm and it 7:49pm. He constantly breaks dates. Says he is coming over to Netflix and chill and he is a no call no show. And when he does pick you up, he is two hours late. If he wanted to be with you, he would be. On time with damn flowers, wine, and bells on his shoes. You are the one he calls when his other dates don’t pan out or he just doesn’t give a rat’s dirty ass. Either way, make yourself intentionally absent.

6. Casanova

He likes to play the field. Can’t say no to any woman that is trying to see what he is working with. Women call your phone and tell you what your house looks like. Too many times we forgive cheaters, only to have them continually betray our trust. This is an ultimate deal breaker. And should be a deal breaker the first time.

The texts good morning and calling his mother four times a week seem like mediocre issues right? We can get caught up on little things not even realizing there are way bigger issues we can be dealing with than he doesn’t pick up his shoes out of the living room.



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