Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Back Together?

Welp,it is being reported that reality star, Khloe Kardashian has made up with her baby daddy Tristan Thomas.

The two have been spotted out together at a restuarant. The following day Khloe attended Tristan’s Cleveland Cavaliers game.

Khloe has not gone public with the status of their relationship since just weeks ago giving birth to their first daughter True Thompson after Tristan’s cheating came to light.

“Khloe has given Tristan another chance at their relationship, and is trying to put the pieces back together for the sake of True,” the insider shares with us. “Although she is crushed by the scandal, Khloe desperately wants things to work and wants to have a complete family.”

The tea is the Kardashians Klan is supportive of Khloe but does not agree on her getting back with Tristan.

Just because these two have been seen together doesn’t mean they are together. If they do decide to get back together,they are not the first couple who have worked things out after infidelity.

What would you do classmates? Work it out or pack his things to the left?


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