6 Ways To Keep The Spark In Long Term Relationships

Everyone wants to know what is the secret to keeping the spark ablaze in relationships. What can you do to keep that hot passion going to keep you both so wrapped up in each other that you can’t even dream about anyone else. The secret is….. there is no secret. This information should never be kept a secret. We all need to know!

In order to have ever lasting passion throughout the years in relationships is to mutually put in the effort to keep each other fully engaged in each other.

Take heed of this list and make sure you put it into action!

1. Find out what they need from you and make that a priority. One of the number one reasons why people cheat is because their needs are not being met. In a relationship, it is not all about you. One day he might need a listening ear. The next could be he needs some affection. Whatever his needs are they need to be met. And of course he needs to do the same for you. You never want to leave that door open where someone else can fulfill their needs. You wan to be there “go to” for everything. Attention, affection, comfort, conversation, etc.

2. Make spending time a priority. Life gets in the way and sometimes we found ourselves forgetting about our partners. Often times it gets to the point the only time we are seeing them is when our heads hit the pillow. Yes it is so many hours in the day but you have to make time for each other. Here is a list of 20 Ways To Get More Q.T. Time for you and your honey. You cannot have a happy, fulfilling relationship if you don’t carve out quality time for one another. Feeling alone in a relationship is a very lonely feeling.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something new and exciting together! Run a marathon or go bungee jumping. Create a bucket list and make memories by crossing off the list one by one. Sharing new experiences together will create an unbreakable bond and will have you admiring each other for years to come.

4. Electrify your sex life. If your lingerie has dust on it, it is time to get out the Pledge and shine it back up. Being intimate is one of the keys to a relationship. Men like to feel desirable as well. There is nothing wrong with a woman initiating sex. Try out new positions or sex games to reach new levels of intimacy.

5. Appreciation goes a very long way. Showing appreciation and gratitude can work wonders in a relationship. Everyone wants to feel like their efforts are recognized and valued. Going the extra mile for someone and the person not even caring or showing at the least bit that they care is hurtful and can leave the relationship open for someone to walk right on in and take your place. Just saying thank you or just telling him you appreciate everything he does will keep a smile on his face and he will keep doing the things you love.

6. Keep the love flowing all day. Simple text messages just to say hello or ask how their day is going. Cooking his favorite dinner. Him picking up your favorite flower on the way home to give you. Showing little tokens of love each day will keep the spark in the relationship. There is nothing like hearing the words, “I love you” but SHOWING the love in action truly explains the meaning behind those three little words.


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