4 Signs To Tell If You Are The Jealous Girlfriend

He is fast asleep. Snoring so loud the neighbors can here. What do you do first? Roll back over and get some much needed rest. Or do you quietly slip into your slippers and tip toe to his side of the bed to do the one thing everyone says don’t do? You watch the drool slowly run down his mouth. You hold your breath and do the unthinkable…..grab his phone and go through it!

Have you found yourself doing these sort of things? Do you find yourself looking for opportunities to snag his phone? Do you try to listen to his phone calls? Stalk him on social media? Or have even made a fake page just to see if he will talk to a sidechick?


Insecurity runs deep. We have to admit that some of us are a little insecure. Which I can see how that is with cheating growing rampant in this world of social media. Social media has made it so we can be cheated on right up under our noses and not even know it. We have access to so many people and it just makes it too darn easy.

Being insecure will damage your relationship before it even gets started. Below are signs you are insecure and how to fix it.

  1. You Ask About His Ex Constantly-Was she skinnier than me? She have a bigger booty? How many times a day did you talk to HER? Did you take her to the same movie theater? Did you love her more than me? If you repeatedly ask about his ex, you are trying to reassure yourself that you are worthy of him. You have to already be secure with who you are and your beliefs before being in a relationship. Knowing that you are a prize and he is lucky to have you will have you not wondering how you are measuring up to his ex. You will know that there is no comparison of you two.

2. You Constantly Accuse Him Of Cheating– Have you been in this type of conversation?

Him- Talking on his phone. “Hey how you doing?”

You- “Who the hell you being nice to? You talking to a hoe? Let me see the phone!”

Him- “Mom, hold on for a minute.”

Uh oh! Or what about this conversation!

“You said it would take you twenty minutes to go to the damn store and it took you thirty minutes! I know it doesn’t take you thirty minutes to pick up an energy drink. Who did you stop and f along the way?”

If you find yourself in discussion such as these and you don’t have any evidence at all that he is cheating, you might be insecure. This is a sure fire way to end your relationship real quick. What person wants to accused of cheating when they are actually being faithful? How to stop doing this is to do just that STOP! Work on your trust issues. Figure out why you keep accusing him of cheating. Has an ex cheated on you before and you are still not over it? Get to the root of the problem before it destroys this relationship and ones to come.

3. You Are Constantly Checking In- Yes you are checking in, but you are checking in on him. Around the clock you are texting and calling him. If he doesn’t respond to the text or call quick enough you ask him who is the girl occupying him so much that he can’t answer you. He will quickly give you the dial tone, and I don’t mean on the phone. Meaning he will cut you off for good.

In a relationship you have to have some time apart. Not to cheat, but to have some breathing room. He has friends and as well as you. You both like different hobbies. You have to trust that he is where he says he is. If says he is at a library and you hear club music playing, ten times out of ten he is lying. However, if he hasn’t given him you any reason at all to make you check on him every five minutes, leave him alone. If you feel the urge to call after getting off the phone with him five minutes ago, find something else to do. Watch a movie, clean your house, go visit a friend or two. Once you get some space, you will find yourself wanting your “me” time.


4.You Are Jealous

You think every woman that looks his way wants him. You accuse him of talking to other women constantly and accuse other women of trying to get with your guy. One wrong look and you will curse a woman completely out! He can’t go out with his friends and you have a fit when he does. Single friends? Oh no, all his friends better have girlfriends. That way he won’t be with him looking for other women.

Remember that if he didn’t want to be with you, he would not be with you. You have to have trust in your relationship or you will run the relationship right into the ground.



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