Can Your Friends Ruin Your Marriage?

I had a convo with a close friend over the weekend. This friend, lets call her Tammy is single. She has been engaged once but never did jump the broom over various reasons. In a nutshell, she said married women should not have friends that are single. Mind you I’m married, she is single (what is she really trying to say here?)

I have heard this many times throughout my life that married women should not have single friends. After looking at Tammy like she had an ass on their face, I then asked them why? What is the problem with that? Especailly these days when it’s so hard to find a true friend.

My friend said that married women can have single friends, however there are certain types of women that can ruin a marriage. As she kept talking, I hate to say I found myself agreeing with her.

1.The Whore

Now you know this would be numero uno on the list! You can’t have a friend who sleeps with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Of course, people believe the old saying to be true, you are who you hang around. If she is out doing dirt, your hubby will start getting suspicious of you as well.

2. The Partyer

This I used to try to fight in discussions for years however I have waved the white flag on this topic. Married people do not belong in a night club. Ok I said it! Yep! There is many settings for different things and this setting is for single people. So if your single friend wants to go twerk at the club, you should not go. Clubs are for single people looking to have fun and meet new people. The fun part, ok I get that, but the meet new people. There is no need to meet new guys if your married. After awhile hubby will tell you to find a new hang out spot or stop talking to her all together.

3. The Negative Friend

This friend trash talks men all the time. She never is in a happy relationship and she doesn’t mind telling you about it. They have summed up men as liars, cheaters, and heartbreakers. As soon as you go for some girl talk about your relationship, she thrives on the negativity and will not give you any solutions to your problem. Only feedback you will get from her will be to leave or something disasterious that will ruin your relationship.

4. Always Single Friend

This friend is good at one thing. They are experienced at being single. Need someone to talk to about communication in your relationship? Talks about what to do about certain issues. She can’t help you because she has no clue about what it takes to actually be in a relationship. Listening to her will not only be detrimental to your relationship but will cause you to be single as well.

Once you get married you have to be careful with the company you keep. Everyone isn’t meant to know your personal business and give you advice. Having positive people around you will not only bring happiness to your relationship but can help you if times when times get tough.


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