5 Ways To Get A Guy To Approach You

You ever see that girl? You know THAT girl that always has guys approaching her. She doesn’t have to do a thing. She just stands there and the guys are just mesmerized by her. It looks like she isn’t doing anything, but trust me she defitnely is.

Men are not complicated at all. It’s not hard to get men to approach you. The first thing you need to remember is men are hunters. They love the thrill of the chase. So don’t approach them. You have what they want and let them come and get it!

Below are tips to get guys to approach you.

1. Confidence

Men can smell confidence a mile away. Men love a confident woman. A woman that is confident and knows she is worth commitment, love, and the up most respect intrigues men. They want to get to know that woman. If you seem shy to them, they won’t approach you. They will think your not interested. So let that confidence shine through!

2. Body Language

When a guy first sees you he is reading your body language. Does she look like she is having a good time? Does she look mad? Does she want to talk? They are sizing you up. Watch your body language. If your standing with your arms crossed, that reads as “stay away”. Crossing your arms looks like your closed off to any sort of communication. Steer clear of poses such as these.

3. Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact is a sure fire way to tell him to leave you the hell alone. And that’s not the signal we want to give out right? Making eye contact says you acknowledge him and you see him watching you. Also let him see you watching HIM. Don’t look away when he turns to look at you. Look at him, smile, and he will come to you.

4. Don’t Try Too Hard

Men don’t like aggressiveness. A few subtle looks is all he needs. Staring or drawing unnecessary attention to yourself can make you look desperate and embarrassing. How you dress can be a factor in this category. You want to look your best, but of course he should not meet your boobs at the first hello. And studies have shown men love the color red. Slip on a red dress and red lipstick and watch him melt!

5. Welcome The Approach

Once he gets up enough nerve to approach, make sure you welcome the invitation. He will want your undivided attention. Put the cell away and any distractions that will hinder the conversation.


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