4 Reasons Why Some Women Prefer Being The Side Chick

Yesterday was February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day. Now dubbed Side Chick’s Valentine’s Day. The day that mistresses can enjoy being showered with jewelry, Coach bags, and shopping sprees. Their lovers have to make up for being with their wives the day before right?

Call it what you like, but there are a number of women in the world who have willingly been a side chick or had no idea that they were one. It is what it is.

However there are some women who actually WANT to be the side piece! They prefer that role with a man for various reasons. And why does this appeal to some reason?

I interviewed a couple of women who have no qualms on being with other women’s husbands. Kandice, 27, a high school teacher and Yasmine, 22, a college student. Both of the women are absolutely gorgeous with figures that look like were sculpted by the hands of a plastic surgeon. I can see why men would ruin a their marriages for a chance with these two.

Kandice was a mistress for four years to a man that was married with three small children. She is currently with a prominent businessman who of course is married.

Yasmine has been using men since the age of 18. To pay for her tuition she chooses to be with committed sugar daddies.

They say the top four reasons why women prefer to be the mistress:

1. The Gifts

Majority of the men buy the women lavish gifts. Money is no limit. Designer bags, the hottest fashions, custom made jewelry. Every woman’s fantasy: a man with an unlimited wallet. All expense paid trips a few times a year comes with the gig. What woman would turn that down?

2. They Don’t Have To Spend Time With Him Everyday

Wives do you ever want your husband to get out the house for a while so you can watch Scandal in piece? These ladies don’t have that problem. They get that much needed break when he goes back home to their wife. They have fun with him and send them on their way.

3.They Don’t Have To Hear About His Day

The usual discussions that we have to endure they don’t have. How was his day and what happened at work. The boring joke his golf buddy told him. When the men are with their side chicks it’s all about romance. This is a fun time for them to be with their mistress. The ins and outs of daily life are not on their mind at all.

4. Some Mistresses Feel Like They Are Saving The Marriage

There are some women who believe by being the mistress they are saving the marriage. They are taking the husbands off the wives hands for awhile. They know that kids and just life in general can make the wife too tired to have sex and take attention away from him. The mistresses save the marriage by giving him what is lacking at home. Therefore, he might stay with the wife a little longer by getting fulfillment elsewhere.

After the interview with these two women, the conclusion has been made; regardless of the perks, playing second best is still not a position that any woman should be in.



  1. If you like it I love it . . . people fail to take into account that everyone serves a purpose in your life rather it’s good, bad or indifferent. And let’s be real here . . . we have choices in life. So let’s call a spade a spade (lol). This is a very good article, but take it with a grain of salt. It can help or hurt you! But this is just my opinion 🙂

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