RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey’s New Bae Says He Is Not A Cheater

In the latest episode of one of our favorite shows, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, (don’t judge) Cynthia Bailey, 50, is back in the dating world after divorcing her husband Peter Thomas.

Her almost boyfriend , Will Jones, insists that he was not dating another woman while with Cynthia. Everything came out in the wash when new house wife Eva Marcille, spilled all the tea on the table, and let it be known Will has a girlfriend. Eva says she was formally introduced to the woman by Will during an event for her fiance.

Will spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about the accusations of him being a cheater. He says that he has no idea where this fake tea came from.

“I was very surprised by that, that completely threw me off because when I first met [Eva], I only met her for like 10 minutes and the rest of the time was with her now-fiancé talking about the things I wanted to do for the kids in Chicago because he used to be a prosecutor in Chicago,” Jones told Us on January 31 about meeting Marcille three months prior to seeing at her Kandi Burruss’ party.

The only thing to that is completely confusing, is that they both have agreed that they are NOT exclusively dating.

We both said in the show, we were dating other people. We were not exclusive, and then as we spent more time together I told her that I wanted to focus on her and I’m not dating anybody else but her. But a lot of times I guess with the show, and the show does have a lot of twists, those comments are overshadowed.”

Cynthia was deeply saddened over this whole encounter. If they both agreed that they were dating other people, why be down in the dumps about it?

Therefore they were not together, which means if he was with the other woman or not; it is NOT cheating.

Can we get an Amen?

What do you think classmates? Should Cynthia leave Will alone or continue seeing him?


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