Simone Whitmore of Bravo Tv’s Married To Medicine Divorcing After 21 Years

For all you Bravo TV fans, looks like another one has called it quits. Simone Whitmore, OBGYN that starS in reality show Married To Medicine, is divorcing her husband of 21 years.

Simone, 50, and husband Cecil, 51, have been putting their relationship troubles in the spotlight this season.

The two share two teenage boys and met while they were both students at Spelman college.

While filming the Season 5 reunion, which has not aired, she revealed the shocking news to the rest of the cast.

The couple tried counseling but that did not mend issues with the troubling couple.

“It looked like we were improving. The problem is we should have continued counseling, and we did not,” she said. “We let life take over. We were busy over the summer with basketball tournaments, traveling and getting Miles ready for college. We should have kept marital counseling as a priority, but we let the ball drop.”

In a scene back in December 2017, Simone stated

We’re in a place where we’re arguing over basic s—,” “He’s just so hostile and angry about every little thing. When somebody is being mean, it’s hard to replace that with something nice or smile. It’s difficult.”

Simone did an interview with PEOPLE magazine and shared,

“I know Cecil and I look like a fun couple to everyone on the outside, but it takes more to make a marriage work,” she said. “One of the things I was most proud about on our show was the realistic portrayal of black love, with all of the married couples showing America the real ups and downs of raising families. And sadly … divorce is 50 percent in this country.

These reality show couples never seem to make it. What do you think the reason is classmates?



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