7 Types of Men To Avoid Like The Flu

After you get over the first initial few weeks of dating a guy and thinking they are Prince Charming, you begin to see who they really are. In the first few weeks you meet their alter nice ego. Their representative that is gentleman and compliments you every five minutes. Don’t get me wrong, majority of guys are sweet at heart. Nonetheless, you do have some that are wolves in sheep’s clothing. A year later you look at him and think, “Who the hell are you?”

I want to keep you from waking up confused and able to see all the sign that the guy is an absolute no Let’s go over the type of guys NOT to date. Matter of fact, avoid them like the flu.

Empty Pockets– Okay don’t be a gold digger, however he has to have some kind of job. A business man, manager, truck driver, hell even a parking lot sweeper. He has got to be doing something that is bringing in money. Having a job shows responsibility and being able to take care of himself. Do you really want to be taking care of a grown man? If you’re a woman that wants to have kids one day, this will also be a way to tell if he can handle children financially. I know plenty of women who have kids by men who can’t buy a pair of diapers. If he didn’t have a job when you met him, why do you think he will get one now that you have a kid?

Mr. Bachelor– He is so fine. Dripping with finesse. So charming and successful, why is he still single? You think maybe you are the one that can make him settle down. Just wait to he gets to know you and he will fall so deeply in love. These men like short term relationships. They are only good for a few months and then they disappear. And the mention of his past relationships and why things broke off, his answer is, “She was crazy.” Either he has shitty luck with women, or he drove them crazy making them think he was in love with him. Which one do you think it is?

Mr. Control– You can’t wear short dresses, eat pizza, and you must workout six times a day. You can’t hang out with friends and family because they are a bad influence. And no friends who are single. You just can’t seem to do anything right. He critiques everything you do. I have heard some women who think a guy that tells them what to do really cares about them, but not in this case. He doesn’t have your best interests at heart. He wants to control you. It’s not cute. Run for the hills!

Heavy Weight Champ– This one is to not be taken lightly at all. This is the abuser. He starts out with a few pushes and I’m sorry’s. Does it a few more times buys you gifts to make it better. Before you know it, you are wearing sunglasses at night. As soon as a guy shows anger issues or harms you physically, get the hell out of dodge.


Word Is Not His Bond– He will tell you he is going to do all sorts of things, but will never keep his promises. You can’t trust his word on anything. He said he will take you out Saturday, he was a no show no call. Oil in your car, nope. Cook you a candlelit dinner, nah. Call you right back, it’s midnight. He isn’t going to call or text you back. After a while you don’t believe a word he is saying!

The Dog– He has it all. Good looks, swag, and can make you forget your own name when he looks at you. The trouble is he is making you and about five other women feel the same way. People say once a cheater always a cheater, on the other hand there are some that learn from their mistake. Yet, Casanova never learns. He is a habitual cheater and somehow will find a way out of every rendezvous you catch him in. He should come wrapped in yellow caution tape.


Married or Committed– Not much to explain on this one. You all know the type. He is not available because he is either married or dating someone. Your presence gives him the relief he needs to get away from her and her nagging. He plans on leaving her when the kids get older, graduates, or some other life altering event. Then you can live happily ever after in Cinderella’s palace. NOT! That fantasy will never happen. As soon as you know you are not the only one, call it quits. This is a definite Deal Breaker




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