Ciara Responds To Backlash After Telling Women How To Get A Husband

R&B singer Ciara took to Twitter and Instagram to explain herself after all the backlash she was thrown about an earlier tweet on January 20th.

Ciara, 32, who is married to Seattle Seahawks quaterback Russell Wilson, posted a video yesterday of preacher John Gray with a quote,

Too many women want to be married, but your walking in the spirit of girlfriend. Ciara captioned #levelup. Don’t settle.

The preacher states that, “He that finds a wife finds a good thing.’ It didn’t say, ‘He that finds a girl that he’s attracted to, who he then begins to date, who he then calls his girlfriend, who he then buys a ring, proposes to and makes her his fiancée, who he then marries later who becomes his wife.”

Gary goes on to say” You’re not a wife when I marry you, you’re a wife when I find you,” Gray added, “But a wife is not the presence of a ring, it’s the presence of your character.”

#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.

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Someone left the floodgates open because criticism of her posts poured in Twitter swiftly minutes after she posted the opinionated preacher.

Ciara’s playing a dangerous game,” one tweeted. “You should never, no matter how perfect your relationship/marriage appears to be, sit on a throne and tell people why they’re not romantically successful. You can be the queen of the ball today and have cake in your face.”

Some defended Ciara by saying the fans wanted to know how she got married, she told you, so why be mad?

After seeing all the negative comments, Ciara posted today a response to explain what she meant by her comments.

“I was one that girl wanting to be loved a certain way bit was making the wrong choices. I found myself at my lowest moment. I was a single mom sitting at home, and then I realized that the perfect love I was looking for was how God loves me, how He wants me to be loved, and who He was calling me to be as a mom and a woman. That’s when I realized married of not married… I needed to love myself. #LevelUp”

Ciara’s Response

The preacher, though his delivery was quite blunt, spoke a lot of truth. SOME women who want to be wives, don’t act like wives. Get out of the “girlfriend” spirit and carry yourself like a wife. He is saying the Bible says, “He that finds a wife, finds a good thing.” Upon meeting, the woman, she already carries herself like a wife. She is not on Instagram twerking, not walking around half naked, and getting drunk every weekend at the club. She carries herself different because she wants something different. She doesn’t want the one night stands and the “Netflix and chill” bae. She wants a husband and precedes to act as so.

Ciara’s heartfelt post delivers a powerful message. Finding someone to love you the way God’s loves you is definitely “leveling up”!

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Who do you agree with classmates: the preacher, Ciara, or the fans that stood on the other side of the fence against Ciara?



  1. I didn’t see her post as a person who tied their value and self worth to being married.

    However there’s no specific way to carry yourself to find a husband. Whether you’re a Preschool teacher or a stripper, a book worm or party animal. Finding a husband all comes down to how you view and love yourself. People just are attracted to positive energies and your vibes.


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