Your 12 Month Wedding Planner

Over the holidays your dreams came true. The love of your life got down on one knee and proposed! That moment of him professing his unconditional love to you will be a memory you will cherish forever. The ring glimmers on your hand like the sunlight dancing on ocean waves. You wake up a couple days later thinking, “OMG!! I have a wedding to plan!”

Keep calm and never fret. Pupil of Love has you covered with our 12 month wedding planner!

16 To 12 Months Before Wedding

  • Engagement Party- This is a great way to tell all of your loved ones and friends that you are jumping the broom! Traditionally the engagement party is hosted by the bride’s parents. This is a key time to introduce key people in both of your lives that will be starting to see a lot more of each other and possibly be assisting you with planning the wedding.
  • Engagement Pics- Time for your photo shoot! You can also use your engagement pics to go on your wedding invitations, save the dates, and your wedding website.
  • Create a Budget- This a must! A right now! Put big ticket items on this list. The venue, catering, flowers, etc. Arrange who is going to cover certain costs. Also calculate in your budget hidden costs. Shipping fees, cleaning fees, etc
  • Hire A Wedding Planner- Wedding planning is extremely stressful. There is so much to do and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Ask friends or family to help out if a wedding planner is out of budget.
  • Wedding Party-Choose your wedding party. Who are those special people that will walk by your side during this special time?
  • Start A Guest List-Invite all of your friends, family, and aquaintances you want for this special day. Keep in mind your budget and the size of venue.
  • Venue and Date-Now is the time to dwindle down where you want to share those lovely vows and set a date. A beach, your family’s church, a friend’s backyard, a destination wedding? Schedule tours of the venues you like the most. Keep in mind if you want to have a small, intimate wedding or if you want an all out bash!
  • Hashtag- The in thing these days is to create a catchy hashtag for your pending nuptials. This is a fun way to get everyone excited about you wedding. Add it to your save the dates and your social media.
  • Choose Your Colors- Red and white, purple + burgundy +orange, gold+peach +green, or white and black; now is the time to figure out what colors you want for your big day.

11 To 9 Months Before Wedding

  • Pick Your Wedding Dress- The ultimate of must does. What is a wedding without a dress? Dresses need fittings and altering which could take up to two or three times of this. If you decide to order, you have to wait for it to ship and then get it altered if needed. Picking a wedding dress can be overwhelming. If you need help in picking that special dress go to my tips of making that process stress free. 6 Easy Tips To Help You Pick Out Your Wedding Dress
  • Bridesmaid and Wedding Party Attire- Can’t forget them too!
  • Plan Your Honeymoon- The honeymoon is the last event you will do after saying those precious vows, however you might have to get passports and birth certificates depending on where you are going. Best to pick a place and have it booked at this time.
  • Wedding Cake- Finding that perfect cake can be tons of fun. Chocolate, hazelnut almond, red velvet, pink champagne! The possibilities are endless and taste testing will be so worth your wild!
  • Set up your registry
  • Select your photographer and book your engagement photo shoot. Some couples like to put a photo on their save the date cards. Book videographer if you choose to,
  • Select your ceremony officiant.
  • Reserve rooms for your out of town guests
  • Flowers- What is your favorite flower? How do you want your bouquet? Fake or silk flowers? Or beautiful live ones?
  • Music- A very fun part! Picking out the music to shake your tail feather to!

8 To 4 Months Before Wedding

  • Order Save-The-Dates, Invitations, and Thank You Cards- These should go along with the color scheme you chose for the wedding. It sets the theme for the wedding for your guests. These invitations and save-the-dates can cost a pretty penny especially when you start to add in postage. You can DIY or find downloadable printables.
  • Mail out Save-The-Dates
  • Finalize menu- Chicken or fish, finger foods, what sides to have? And don’t forget to taste test!
  • Finalize all music selections
  • Groomsmen- It doesn’t take as long as wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Choose from custom made suits or renters.
  • Dance Lessons- The new happening thing is making up a routine for the reception. Want to spice it up with a little salsa? An elegant ballroom dance? Or a dance that will make everyone laugh with cheer? Even get the in laws in on it!
  • Transportation-How do you want to ride out after the reception is over? Limo, helicopter, or want to turn your own vehicle into a “Just Married” show piece.
  • Rings-If you both don’t have your wedding ring sets yet, now is a good time to make that purchase.

4 To 2 Months Before Wedding

  • Mail wedding invitations
  • Flip through bridal magazines and online to get an idea of how you want your hair! Do you want a romantic updo or have it long and sexy? Have your bridal shower with the same hairstyle or have them to be free to wear their hair the way they want? Try out different make up ideas as well.
  • Check in with all vendors and make sure everything is a go.
  • Plan seating arrangements for the wedding party
  • Design your wedding ceremony programs and print away!
  • Purchase all the accessories including veil, cuff links, jewelry

1 Month Before Wedding

  • Marriage License-Don’t forget this!
  • Make sure you know arrival time for all vendors.
  • Final dress fitting for bridal and groom parties
  • Purchase gifts for the wedding party- They will be so excited! Show them how much you have appreciated them helping you make memories!
  • Decide on your something old and new, borrowed, and blue tradition
  • Plan the dinner party
  • Bachelorette Party- Let someone else plan your last single woman shin dig.
  • Schedule all your beauty appointments. We know how booked up hairdressers can get, and if you want you and your bridesmaids to get your hair done together; you need to book the appointment well in advance.
  • Reception Toast- Decide who will give these toasts. Give them a fair notice to give them some time to give a heartfelt toast you will always remember.
  • Write Your Vows-If you and hubby to be decide to write your own vows, this gives you ample enough time to come up with one of the most important speeches you will ever write.
  • RSVP’s- Track your RSVP’s, do they want chicken or fish, if they are bringing a plus one….
  • Rehearsal dinner invites- Send out an email, fun online, or formal invite to he rehearsal dinner party.
  • Arrange final payments to all vendors

2 Weeks Before Wedding Day

  • Finalize the event with vendors
  • Revisit RSVP’s- Last minute people getting their RSVP’s in can cause sitting arrangements changes, or someone decides not to come or bring a guest
  • Timeline To Wedding Party- To make sure there are no speed bumps, give a schedule to your wedding party to ensure smooth sailing.
  • Pick up dress and tuxedo

1 Week Before Wedding

  • Send out final count of guests to your caterer
  • Finalize those wedding vows. Tweak it, change here and there if need be, and practice
  • Pack- It’s time to pack for your honeymoon. Go ahead and do this, because you will not be thinking about packing the day of your wedding.
  • Snacks- It is always a good idea to have snacks on hand on the big day. It takes hours to prepare and from your wedding party will be famished before the vows are even said.
  • Go over any last minute changes with all vendors
  • Delegate any tasks that are last minute to family and friends. No stressing!

Day Before Wedding

  • Steam press your dress and tuxes
  • Get mani, pedi’s and massages. The big day has arrived and it’s time to relax and enjoy all of your hard work.
  • Attend rehearsal ceremony and dinner
  • Give gifts to your wedding party
  • Give marriage license to officiant. Make it legal!
  • Get a good night’s rest because the day is finally here!

Wedding Day

  • Breakfast- Start your day off right! Do not forget to eat breakfast. You will be so busy, that it is possible this will be the only time you will eat before the wedding dinner.
  • Hair and Makeup- Sip on a latte or a mimosa while you get beautified for your big day
  • Present parents with gifts
  • Get married!


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