Brandi Glanville Blames Social Media For Ruining Her Relationship

The former out spoken alum from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Twitter on Friday, Jan. 12, to let everyone know social media has ruined her relationship. 

“Social media is ruining romance!”, she tweeted. “It ruined mine!” She followed the tweet with a heartbroken emoji. She later tweeted, “It’s official I am SINGLE. He is all yours IG hoes! He is lovely so be nice!”

The guy that all the hoes are after is named Donald Friese. A few weeks ago she posted her Christmas present from Donald on Instagram. Everything seemed to be going peaceful at that time.

The two started dating in 2016 after meeting on the dating app Tinder.

 Can we blame social media for ruining relationships?

I believe it has everything to do with the person. No matter what social media you are on, if you are committed to someone, you are committed and that is that. End of story. If there are women or men in your significant other’s DM’s, your honey should have self control and respect for you and your relationship to tell them no. Let all the thirsty ones know they are in a relationship and to move on. If your partner cheats on you with someone they met through the internet, is the internet the blame or is it your man? Blaming social media is just an out.



  1. Social media is nebulous..I think that sometimes its always best to keep some things off social media because people talk a lot and words are powerful….Thats why we all must learn how to handle negativity `cos its pretty easy to come by these days with so many social media platforms…
    BTW…I believe She allowed social media to ruin her reltionship. If it indeed ruin it, it was done not without her permission. Now She’s left with social reality

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