Five Things You Should Do Every Day For Your Partner

It’s true what they say, communication is the key. The key to long lasting relationships and true love. Showing how much you truly care and appreciate your partner can solidly your relationship and grow your bond even stronger.

Little things can make a big impact. A touch of a hand, a comforting smile can make the love you share so enduring.

To ensure that your honey feels the love from you every day, do these 5 simple gestures:

Smile, Hug, and Kiss

Okay that is three things but you can do them all at the same time! Just to come home from work and see a smile on your face can turn a bad day into sunshine and rainbows. Affection affirms that you want and need to be close to them intimately.

Say I Love You

Three simple words that mean so much to us. Our lives are so busy we often forget to say this to each other. You can express love with action of course, but to hear the words come from your lips, is like music.


Compliments are an immediate ego booster. Yes you can compliment on anything visual, a new hair cut or outfit. How about showering them with compliments on other things? “Your pot roast was delicious!” “I admire how patient you are with the kids.” These types of compliments shoe that you have taken notice of the small and big things they do and appreciate them.



Every one thinks they are a good listener. However, listening is a skill. The true ability to have good communication with one another is not also talking, but to be able to listen as well. Listening isn’t just with your ears, body language and not having any distractions (cell phone, TV) can affect you actually listening to your partner. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. So when you ask your honey how is your day, really tune in to what is being said.


Spend Time Together

Whether it’s cooking dinner, taking a short walk, or spending a few minutes in bed talking about the events of the day. Spend some time together, just the two of you. It does get difficult throughout the day to carve out some time, but just a few minutes each day can create a stronger bond. Need to find ways to get more quality time in? Check out 20 Ways To Get More Q.T. Time

These are just a few things you can do every day to show your loved one that they are your one and only. Relationships require a lot of attention. You have to constantly cultivate and tend to it to keep the love ever lasting.



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