Newly Engaged Cardi B Says Infidelity Happens To Everyone 

Weeks after being proposed to at one of her concerts on December 24th of last year , Cardi B confirms that her fiance, Offset from the rap group Migos, has cheated on her.

After the not one, but TWO sex tapes came out of him having sex with a woman who was not the Bodak Yellow rapper, Cardi B posted on her Instagram how she felt about her hubby to be already not truly committed to their relationship.


“I’m going to make a decision in my own times with my heart and mind,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “I don’t need to be rushed or be told what to do. It’s my life! I belong to me not the world.”

She later posted 

Well if people are talking about it and keep asking me how I feel about the situation why not let them know? Right or wrong? No, it’s not right for a n—– to cheat… But what you want me to do? Go fuck me another n—-? Start all over again and get cheated on again? This shit happens to everyone,” she wrote on Instagram Sunday. “People handle they relationship different soo.”

One thing that some women seem to ignore when we are in love is red flags. This is an obvious red flag waving in front of her but she can’t see it.

Do you agree with Cardi B? She is saying why end her relationship and start over, to only get cheated on again? With this mindset, it shows men that cheating is not a deal breaker because this is their usual behavior. Should she call off the engagement?



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