10 Christmas Traditions For Couples

It’s that time a year! Time for holiday parties, nutmeg, friends, and making great memories. One thing we have to remember is to take time out for your spouse during this time.Things can get pretty hectic with hectic with holiday shopping and trying to ensure the holidays are perfect for everyone. We tend to forget the person beside us help making it happen.  It takes just a moment to carve out some time for you and your honey to do things as a couple.

You have to find time to visit both sides of your family during the holidays, but it would great to start your own holiday couple traditions as well. This will make your bond even closer and make this time of the year even more special for each other.

Below are traditions you and your honey love can share to solidify your special bond during this special time of the year.

Write Letters– Make mugs of hot chocolate, apple cider, or any kind of festive treat;and cuddle up and exchange letters of your favorite memory of this year of each other. Something he did to make you feel appreciated and loved. Or you can pick a theme every year, the funniest moment,  most heartwarming moment, most admirable moment, etc.

Designate A Day Just For You Two– Christmas Eve, Christmas, and  New Year’s Eve is always celebrated with others. How about you and bae designate one day in December to celebrate each other? You can put another year of bliss on the books and to show your appreciation to each other every Dec.15th, Dec. 23rd, or whatever day you choose is yours to celebrate the past year and the year to come.

Christmas Movie Marathon– Spend an evening curled up on the couch with nothing but a blanket (clothes optional) and popcorn to watch your favorite Christmas Movies. Nothing says Christmas than watching A Christmas Story with that darn leg lamp!

Bake Christmas Cookies– Find easy recipes and go shopping together to buy ingredients. Put on your aprons and make as many batches you want together!

Christmas Lights– A very affordable date is riding around town and looking at the Christmas decorations. Take a thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy alone time looking at all the lights!

Ice Skating– A little cliche, however it makes a great date. An excuse to hold hands all night!

Give To Others– It’s q great feeling to reflect on your blessings during the holidays. Unfortunately, there are others who are less fortunate. Volunteering for food drives, homeless shelters, or missionary work are all ways you can spend valued time together and also lend a helping hand to others.

Matching Pajamas- Buy matching Christmas pajamas for Christmas morning! It’s festive and will automatically put you in a loving mood!

Sexy Christmas Stockings- Instead of filling the stocking with usual stuffers, put something sexy in it. (Of course these stockings must stay out of sight from the children.)

12 Days of Christmas Bucket List- Create a Christmas  bucket list and choose 12 things to do together. Decorate the tree, make a gingerbread house, wrap gifts, or take some  suggestions on the list and put them in a bucket.

These are just a few traditions to get you started on making sure you spend quality time together during the busy holidays!



  1. These are great ideas. I just recently moved in with my boyfriend (I’m going to college in his city now) and this will be our “First” holiday together. (I wasn’t living with him last Christmas.) These are some great ideas.


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