8 Healthy Habits of Happy Couples

Are you ever out somewhere, enjoying a Mocha Latte at Starbucks or  just strolling along at the park, and then you see them?  That couple! You know the ones. The couple who are staring into each others eyes and can’t keep their hands off each other. You hear her squealing with delight as he tries to kiss her neck and your next thought is, “How disgusting!”
We have all seen those couples. They are so happy to be in each other’s presence, they look adorable, and make your stomach turn at the same time. And all the while we wonder, how do they do that? How do they keep that going? What are they saying to each other? What does he say to her when she is upset? What do they do to make love last?

We asked relationship experts what do happy couples do to make their love last in relationships. There are times that relationship will go up and down or totally fizzle out. What we come to learn is their are good habits to pick up to keep the connection strong and the happiness flowing year in and year out.

Here are a few tips of what happy couples do to stay happy.

Surround Themselves With Positive People– Healthy couples surround themselves with people who strengthen and bring positivity to them. Anyone who is negative about their relationship should not be let in on intimate conversations. Bringing in negative people will only bring negativity to you and your significant other. Unfortunately, the most negative and toxic people are family members and close friends. You don’t have to stay away from these people, but as soon as a negative comment is made about your relationship, shut it down. You don’t want negativity impacting your love.

PDA– Yes we roll our eyes when we see a couple kissing in public or the guy smacks his girlfriend on the butt playfully, however public displays of affection just works. It’s nice to be shown affection in public. It says your honey drives you wild and you don’t mind showing the world how much! So go ahead and hold hands or give him a quick peck on the lips.

Appreciation– Show signs of appreciation every day. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for their efforts. One of the reasons why some people cheat, is just not feeling appreciated. We get so swept up with every day life, we forget to tell our significant others how much we treasure them. Even a small gesture can make a great impact. A sweet text, leave a love note, send flowers to work, etc.

Healthy Communication- Disagreements will happen. What matters is how you get through the issue and come together with the resolution. Happy couples know how to talk it through without screaming, belittling, and cursing each other. Letting each other speak, be heard, and come to a common ground is a behavior that will ensure the test of time in a loving relationship.

Peaceful Place– Happy couples keep their connection secure by making sure their relationship is a peaceful place. They are free to be themselves. Private matters stay private. No judgements are ever passed.

Rituals- Having a ritual every day or night opens up occasions to connect. Sharing a cup coffee every morning or make sure you both sit down to eat dinner (without the distraction of TV or social media) to actually have a one on one conversation. Life keeps us busy, but we have to shave off a little time for our each other.

Do Not Keep Score- Some people keep a tally of things that they do in a relationship. Washing dishes or the car, fixed something around the house, took out the trash, or mowed the yard. And then in turn, using those things that they have done as a way to say they are doing more than the other person, or what can the other person do for them? Nice things are done out of love, not to keep a scoreboard. Healthy couples realize this and do not keep up with all they do. They work as a team. Team work makes the dream work.

Just Because- Happy couples do things “Just Because”. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or Christmas to give presents. Do nice things for no reason at all. Cook his favorite meal or give her a nice back rub just because.


There are so many things that you can do to keep your love fresh and alive. Little things or daily showings of apprecation and admiration go a long way.









  1. I totally love this list! Not keeping score and having healthy communication is so important! As is sharing appreciate and doing things just because ♡. You should never stop appreciating each other 😊. Thanks for sharing!


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