6 Easy Tips To Help You Pick Out Your Wedding Dress

If you have been feeling the pressure to pick out your wedding dress for your big day, don’t fret! Your friends here at Pupil of Love have got you covered.

Planning a wedding is so stressful and the biggest stressor of them all is the dress. If your having a summer wedding, now is the time to start on the task of what you will be wearing walking down the aisle.

Here are 6 helpful tips to make dress shopping easier.

1. Realistic Budget- Decide first how much you can spend on your dress without breaking the bank. If you decide $3,000 is the limit, don’t buy a $3,000 dress. You have to factor in alterations, if you want to add beading or jewels, veil, accessories, and shoes. If you order the dress, shipping and handling has to be added in. Things can add up so quickly. 

2. Start Early- It’s best to start six to nine months before your wedding to shop for the perfect dress. You can get  charged a rush fee if you need it sooner. You want to be able to fix any issues that come along, and be not rushed into a dress that is not to your liking because you are crunched for time.

It’s best to have in mind the venue you want to share your vows in. A long lace-sleeved dress with a ten foot train would look great indoors, but not at a beach wedding.

3. Do Your Research- Search online. Magazines. Pinterest! Get a good idea of the style of dress and veil you want before going out to buy. That way you have narrowed down the trillion different styles of dresses that are in stock. This will save a tremendous amount of time having an idea of the type of style you want.

4. Bring A Small Entourage- Sure you want to bring all of your bridesmaids, your favorite aunt, and your friend at work with you dress shopping. However, it’s best to have two to three people with you that you trust the most. Hearing 12 different opinions on how you look in a dress can be overwhelming. Most people should only bring their Mom, sisters, or closest friends.

5. Take Pictures If Allowed- If the bridal salon allows you to take pics while your trying on your dresses, please do! Don’t trust the mirrors. Taking a picture will show you exactly what the dress looks like. Cameras don’t lie. Mirrors can be tricky. And you can see how well it photographs.

6. Stay True To You- It’s so easy to get wrapped up in others opinions. Pick a dress that you love and that makes you feel confident. Remember, no one will walk down that aisle in that dress but you!



  1. Thank you, Janice, for an excellent article. As a professional florist, I have worked extensively with brides. These suggestions may be applied to every aspect of planning the wedding – From the ceremony location, banquet facilities, to the florist.


  2. A small entourage is the best advice you could give! I only brought my Mum and Grandma along with me as too many opinions can overwhelm and cause you to choose a dress you don’t really like. Brill blog post!


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