Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Hubby Cheating….Again!

For those of you who stay in tune with Bravo’s reality shows as much as I do, Married To Medicine’s Lisa Nicole Cloud (who has quit the show because all wasn’t roses in her garden) has reportedly caught her hubby, Darren Naugles cheating….again.

It’s no secret their marriage has been on shaky ground before they even started the show. She wanted to have a baby and he didn’t, accusations of him being gay, (a guy actually came out and said he was Darren’s lover)  and the list goes on.

On top of their messy hill of lies and drama, audio has surfaced of a voice message of Lisa telling Darren to stop contacting his mistress once and for all!

“You’re married with kids. Daren Navel. Tell her right now. Tell this stupid a** sl*tty b*tch you’re not going to call her anymore,” Cloud said, according to the audio released by King Of Reads.

Does she have to go to these lengths to stop him from cheating? One thing is certain, if a man wants to cheat, he will. And telling him not to won’t stop him from getting a side dish.

What’s your take on this classmates? Is it time to let this go or should she keep fighting for her marriage? When do you just walk away?


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