Dilemma of Love #1

Every week at Pupil of Love, we are now going to start a question of the week. We love to see different opinions on delicate subjects of the heart. With so many issues we can have in relationships, someone might find a solution to a problem through our beloved classmates!

If you have any love questions please email us at pupiloflove1@gmail.com


For our very first question of the week read below:


I’am 24 years old and have met a wonderful man. We have been together for eight months. He is considerate, kind, and basically does everything I want him to. Most women would love a man like this but there is only one problem. I am not in love with him. I believe I like him because of how he treats me but I don’t love him the way he loves me. Should I just keep him seeing him until someone else comes along or should I cut him off? I really don’t want to cut him off because I like the attention. What do I do?



If you were in her position what would you do? Leave or keep leading him on? What are your thoughts classmates?



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