Is Your Social Media Keeping You Single?

Our lives are an open book on social media. Some of us put our every move, thoughts, and pics on display for the whole world to see. With so much information out there at the tip of our thumbs, we can easily be Googled and looked up before a guy even asks for the first date. Seriously, that is what most people do when they first meet you or run across your dating profile; they see if your on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. That is the first round. Do you make it past the social media review?

First, he looks at your pics to see if he likes what he sees. Scans pics of your friends and family, what you do when you hang out, and the types of comments you post. You never know how many guys have actually done this and decided to not take that second step of letting you know they are interested. So, the question is: Could your social media profile be keeping you single? Is your Twitter or Snapchat attracting men or making them swipe left?

What behaviors could be keeping your new bae away?


Posting All Day Every Day

Do you update your posts every ten minutes? Post your every move like your getting paid to tell everyone what you ate for breakfast? This can either tell him you spend way too much time on social media, your addicted to the Gram, or you have no life. If your always looking at your phone, your not doing much else.

Divulging too much on social media can also mean you put too much of your business on blast for the world to see. Everything isn’t meant to be shared. The last thing he wants is to be part of your hour by hour statuses. “Me and bae sharing popcorn at the movies!” “Bae is so sweet! He made me some toast!” That is doing too much.

Being Negative

If you find yourself airing out your dirty laundry and in the middle of everyone’s elses filthy shirts as well, this is a huge red flag. It’s one thing to have drama in your life, but going back and forth arguing for the world to see will cause men (and everyone else) to look at you negative. The perception will be your confrontational and you will argue with anyone anywhere and anytime. There is a time and place for everything and social media is not where your drama needs to be. Who wants a negative, drama queen? It’s not cute.

Broadcasting Your Single/Complaining About Being Single

If most of your Snapchats are of you talking about how you’re in the house on Friday night wishing you had a date. Or you blatantly post: “I’m single again. Get at me!” You will look desperate. Don’t make it look like you spend every moment thinking about having a boyfriend and willing to take whatever comes along.

Dressing Sleazy

Sexy dresses or showing a little thigh or leg is okay. You want to look your best in your pics and selfies. Dressing like you are about to bounce it on the stripper pole and make those coins is doing a little too much. Pics like that will only have men focused on one thing. Yes, you will get a ton of likes and guys sliding in your DM’s, but I am pretty sure the conversation is not about current events, hopefully you get my drift . Also, a man who really is looking for a relationship does not want a woman whom the world has already seen every part of. Keep it classy!

Bashing Men

“All men are dogs!” “Tired of fukboys!” “Men will only break your heart and leave you with herpes.” If your updates look like this, men will quickly scroll past you. Your letting men know you are still pissed about an ex. You will look hurt and full of heart ache and quite possibly scorned.

Too Many Selfies

A selfie every few days is cool. You want to take a pic in your new Fashion Nova fit or your hair is absolutely flawless; yes by all means take that pic! But a picture of you every day, four times a day, is bit excessive. Taking numerouse selfies throughout the day and night screams I’m longing for attention or I’m self centered.  Either way, it’s not a good look.

Party Girl

We all love to party sometimes! It’s nothing like getting all dressed up and going out to a club with your friends and dancing the night away. And who doesn’t love to take a pic or two of you and your friends looking hot! If you are on the pursuit to find Mr. Right, the occasional Saturday night out is okay. Going out every single weekend though and uploading those pics, gives the perception you are at the time in your life  where you are just looking for fun. Most men who are ready for that special one, doesn’t want a woman who spends every weekend drinking and partying. Sounds harsh, but it’s true.

If you are ready for that special guy to sweep you off your feet, make sure your social media accounts are showing you in the best light.


















  1. Wow. I’m truly 😱
    I’ve been married for 6 years, my husband and I have been together since 2009 so luckily this is something we haven’t had to worry about …
    But that it really gave me a really great perspective and different way of looking at posts. I’ve always considered from an employment perspective but never from relationships!! I’ll be sharing this with my single friends for sure!!! Thank you!!


  2. Oh my gosh this is so true. I’m in a relationship now but when I was dating I googled/social media searched everyone I was considering going on a date with. I must say, I don’t have any regrets ha!

    Thanks for sharing!


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