Tamar Has Filed For Divorce!

I guess we all seen this one coming. Tamar Braxton, 40, has filed for divorce from her hubby Vincent Herbert of nine years. The two share one child together.

The younger sister of Toni Braxton and one of the stars of their family reality show The Braxtons filed on Tuesday according to TMZ.

This comes after the talented songstress said she is making her current album, Bluebird of Happiness, her last album to save her marriage. Looks like she decided to drop Hubert instead of her music career after all.

 There are a lot of things that I want to do, and a lot of things that are in the works,” she said. “There’s a lot of things that are going on in my relationship and me being close to this music industry, and whatever I can do to eliminate all of the stress and problems off of my relationship, I would rather do that.”

Who can forget the incident where Herbert bit Braxton’s finger in an escalated argument in 2016 at a hotel? 911 calls confirmed that horrific incident. Obviously these two have been on a rocky road for quite some time. Hopefully, these two can come to some agreement and co-parent on one accord.

The new season of The Braxtons start Nov. 9th on WE TV. And it looks like a quite a bit of the show will focus on Tamar and a secret she will share. Click link below to watch the preview.



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