Mariah STILL Wearing 35 Carat Engagement Bling

Mariah Carey 47, stepped out last night at a Chanel party  and flashed her 10 million dollar engagement ring that her ex, James Packer, 50, bought for her. She blinded paparazzi with the bling all the while putting her arm around her new squeeze. She is dating her back up dancer Byran Tanaka.

Packard and Carey dated for 18 months and split in October of 2016. Even though they are no longer together and Carey has obviously moved on, she is still wearing the impressive rock.

Just last week the Australian billionaire  did an interview with The Australian and finally broke his silence about his relationship with Carey.

He claimed he was at a “low point” in life when he dated Carey.

Carey was distraught when Packer broke off their engagement. She blamed it on Scientology. Sources say Packer says her excessive spending and all the drama filming  her TV show Mariah’s World caused the relationship to fizzle.

Either way, they are no longer together but she is still rocking ring. Was this a dig from his interview last week?

 Should she give the ring back? Should she keep wearing it? What do you think classmates?




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