How Relationship Hopping Is Keeping You From True Love

You meet a nice guy. Go on a few dates. You believe  he might be the one. After a few months it fizzles out, you break up. Then you meet another  nice guy. Go on a few dates, decide he is really the one this time. After it fizzles out you break up. Then you meet another nice guy…..Your relationships are stuck in the spin cycle. Your reliving this cycle of relationship hopping. Going from one relationship to the next.

Relationship hopping can not only make you emotionally exhausted, it also can be ruining your true chance at real love. After the end of a relationship you need time to heal and reflect. Jumping from one relationship to the next, doesn’t give you time to reflect on the events that took place that led to the breakup. Arguments that could have been prevented or where you both came up short. And what to do the next time around if you are faced with the same situations.

It’s difficult to find true love when you keep making the same mistakes. How can you learn and grow from past relationships when the second it’s over, you immediately try to find his replacement? You upload new pics on all your dating sites and make sure you look extra cute at the gym. When nine times out of ten, your next relationship will end up like the ones in the past.

A little break between relationships is good for you. Let’s just call it an intermission. Everyone needs an intermission to reflect.

Below are reasons why an intermission is much needed between exes:


  • It’s Healthy– Taking a intermission is healthy. You will have time to figure out what went wrong and why, and what you can do to prevent another relationship like the one that just ended. Getting into the same kind of relationships but expecting different outcomes is absurd. You can really learn about the type of man you don’t want. What you won’t or will accept or what your deal breakers are. Taking a pause is a must.

  • Rebound– Majority of the time the next guy right after a disheartening breakup is the rebound guy. He is just a replacement and a seat filler. Just someone to keep you company until the right one comes along. Someone your dating out of convenience. Who wants to eat dinner and got to the movies alone? This guy is a total waste of time. A person who is shielding you to actually deal with the breakup. Occupies your time so you won’t have to deal with the ex.


  • Be Single For A Moment- Many times we get wrapped up in our partners we often forget what we like to do. Enjoy yourself solo. Go do things you love or been wanting to do. You been itching to learn how to ice skate, but your ex never wanted to go to the rink. Lace up your pink skate and go slip and fall as much as you want! Do You! You might discover some new things that you enjoy doing or pick up a new hobby. Also, some people just feel more comfortable being with someone. It prevents the feeling of loneliness. An emotion that some fight so hard to avoid. Being single is not the end of your world.


  • Healing– Yes, I know the old saying is the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one. Have you truly really experienced that? That saying is false news. After meeting Mr. New do you totally forget about Mr. Ex? You don’t ponder about where you all went wrong? Who cause the breakup? What could have been done to maybe save the relationship? So no, that saying is not true. It’s best to heal from the inside out and this will take time. Getting under Mr. New before you are completely over Mr. Ex can lead into bringing issues from the past relationship to the new one. Heal, grow, and then move on.


It’s very easy to find your next boo with multiple dating sites and everyone on social media. It just takes a click of the mouse on Plenty of Fish to find your next date. But before you click that button, take an intermission and heal from the last one. Your heart and mind will thank you.







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  2. After a 3 year relationship, the most important part was being single. I spent a year single, I did go on dates during that time but that one year led me to my true soulmate. It taught me what I wanted in a partner and who I was as a person. Also what my worth was. Great advice


  3. Well written post. I feel that people shouldn’t move on to another relationship until healing because it can cause issues within the next relationship if you’re not completely healed.


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