Love Lesson #220

Dear Pupil of Love.

I’m so torn between wanting to do the right thing because it’s right. But the wrong thing always feels so good. I have been with my child’s father for five years. We have one child together. He is a good man. He works, pays the bills, takes care of our child. The only thing is we don’t have sex as often as i want it. I loved to be held and cuddled but he says he is just not that type of guy. He works two full time jobs  and is always tired.  Eight  months ago his brother was down on his luck so he is staying in our extra bedroom. He will stay with us until he gets back on his feet. His brother is so fine. 6 foot 3 and in shape.

After asking my boyfriend for sex I got so tired of asking. I ended up telling him how I was feeling and one thing led to another. We have been having sex a few times a week for the last three months. I keep telling him we should stop but it is so good. He is better at it. It’s just like a drug. I need help. How do I stop having sex with my man’s brother?             




Dear Breanna,

How do you stop having sex with your live-in boyfriend’s brother? Just like that. You stop. You have impulse control. There is nothing making you sleep with him. Just your selfishness.

I can go on all day about how wrong this is, but you know that. You know it’s wrong to cheat, but also much worse to cheat on him with his brother.

You say you want to stop sleeping with him, so that makes me believe you want to work it out with your child’s father. First thing, you have to get that man out of your house. And the easiest way to do that is by telling your man what is really going on. Nine times out of ten, he will kick him out for disrespecting him. On the other hand, the tables might turn and he might pack your bags.

You have to ask yourself if your man not giving you the attention you need is worth you cheating. Obviously not because you never mention leaving him. You will have to prepare yourself if he decides to leave you. This betrayal will cut deep. 

  If he decides to work it out, you have to work on this together. He works two full time jobs to take care of you and your  family. When he comes home, he is thinking about going to bed, but only to sleep. 

You might have to take the initiative to plan a romantic date. Do sweet things for him. If you show him how nice it is to give affection, he should reciprocate the kind gestures and give it back. 

Check out my article 20 Ways To Get More Q.T. Time.

Plan a few dates. Spending time doesn’t always mean having sex. Enjoy a night out, a movie, etc. 

What advice would you give classmates?


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