When You Should Just Say No!

You been on a few dates. He has been a perfect gentleman. Holding doors for you and showing you the upmost respect.  Five star restaurant, roses, and chocolate candies. The third date is coming to close and he is standing with you at your door. Do you take the next step and let him inside for the night? Or do you send him on his way?


We all have been in this predicament.


When to give up the panties?


How many dates should you have before you get intimate? Should it be the third date? Fifth date? Or hell, the very first date so you can see if he is even going to be worth your time?


Will I look like a ho? Will he think  less of me? Do I pull out all of my tricks out the bag or do I ease him into my freakiness?


We ask ourselves millions of questions if we should or should not have sex.


There are times that you should NOT have sex. Yes it is, don’t shake your head. There really are situations where you should not let you panties slide down to your ankles.


Here are four scenario’s when you should keep your legs closed.


  1. Infatuation– This will get you every time. This is the early stages of the relationship. The way he talks and walks, his cologne, how deep his voice is  absolutely drives you wild. You can’t help but to think about what your wedding dress will look like, how many children you will have, and how you will decorate that dream house. You’re walking around with rose-colored glasses on and can’t see a damn thing. This is when you keep your ankles crossed. Easier said than done, however at this stage you can easily be blind to who he really is. As we are getting to know the guy, it’s best not to have sex. Just think about it, how many guys have you been with sexually? Now think about all the guys you had sex with, then after you really got to know him; you come to the conclusion he is not the one. Do you have to take your shoes off to count your toes, too? The best bet is to wait. Truly get to know him before you take it to the next level. Don’t put yourself in the predicament where you have given it up and THEN you find out he has a girlfriend, three baby mama’s, lives with his mother, has been divorced three times, and his credit score is so low it is nonexistent.


  1. Obligation– Oh he is so nice. He gets your car washed every Sunday. Brought you chicken noodle soup when you were sick. Put oil in your car. Fixed your toilet when it broke. Maybe giving him a little….no hold up! Men have it in their head, if they do something nice; they will get a little lovin’ on the side.They will try to make you feel like you are obligated to repay them intimately. Some of them purposely will do things for you just to see if you will let them have some. This will be an absolute hell no! When is being nice mean you will get some good good? You bought me a pair of shoes so now you think you have earned to lie in the bed with me? There is a such thing as treating a woman like a lady and showering her with gifts and doing nice things for her. Courting is what it was called back in the day. This practice seems to not exist anymore. To sum it up, him being nice means just that. And in no way nor form should he be repaid by getting your goods.


  1. Your White Girl Wasted– At the moment you’re having fun, he is looking like a snack, and your vajajay is hungry. You don’t want to wake up with a headache and regrets. Go home and sleep it off!


  1. He is Your Ex– You need some nooky. You look through your phone and see who you can call to get with. And there he is. Programmed as “Asshole” in your cell. It just so happens that he is always there for a little fun but as far as being in a relationship, it just won’t work between you and he. This kind of sex is pointless. Save yourself for the one that you know can be in a relationship with. He is your ex for a reason. Leave him in the ex zone where he belongs.



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