20 Ways To Get More Q.T. Time

Our lives are so busy these days. Between work and children, we barely have enough time to carve out for ourselves as well as our spouses. By the time our heads hit the pillow we are at the point of exhaustion and forget about intimacy.

Date night? Who has time for that? Who will watch the kids? And where would the dog go?

When we get to this stage in life, where we put our all in our children and forget about the one we lay beside at night, we have to remember to put in some effort of keeping that fire alive. It can fizzle out quickly and lose it’s spark.

The success of your quality time rides on not how much time you spend, but on what you actually do with the time.


Below are 20 tips you can use to start getting that much needed  time together alone.

  1. Keep It Simple – You don’t have to charter a plane and go to Rome for date night. Going to the movies, make out in the closet, take a walk together.

  2. Find a Common Interest- Find something you both enjoy and do it together. Bowling, exercising, or painting. Shared experiences can deepen your relationship.

  3. Read relationship books together and have discussions about the topics.

  4. Have a fancy night in. Cook a meal together. Add wine and candles. Wear your sexist dress.

  5. Enroll in a dance class together

  6. Surprise him at work at lunch time to bring him his favorite dish.

  7. Establish a date night. Schedule a date at least once a month and keep it!

  8. If you don’t have time to spend after work, try before work! Wake up a little earlier ( yeah, I know! But it will be well worth it! ) Make a point to eat breakfast or have coffee together.

  9. Check out a local event. Get on your town’s website to see events and schedule a date!


  10. Make a personalized scavenger hunt. Have it just around your house or even around the city,
  11. Take a weekend trip to a nearby city.
  12. Take a brewery tour or go to a vineyard for wine tasting.
  13. Try a new workout class together.
  14. Take a cooking class. Learn how to cook a new dish!
  15. Make a bucket list and fulfill it together.
  16. It’s close to Halloween, go on a ghost tour or go to a haunted house
  17. If you both like the outdoors, go camping.
  18. Hookah bar
  19. Take a pottery making class.
  20. Establish a bed time. TV shows and other distractions can have us up all night. Before you know it, it’s late and you are rushing to bed. Record those shows. They can wait. Set a time for bed so you both can stop what your doing to go to bed together. Sleeping when you first get in bed is not mandatory!😊



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  1. Love these ideas to make the most of your time together. Our children are mostly out of the house and the other day my husband said, “Here is the time when we find out how much we like each other again” It is important to keep the fire alive. Because when its all over, it will be two people again!

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