Yes You Should Snoop!

Your gut is telling you something just aint right. You feel it. That feeling that is making you wonder what is he really doing when he leaves the house. Is he talking to another woman? Is he giving out what makes you call out to God and scream his name that the neighbors know it?

Every time he puts that phone down and walks away you want to grab it, lock yourself in the bathroom and search through the messages to find something, anything to confirm your suspicions. You see the most opportune time. He just stepped in the shower. What do you do? To snoop or not snoop? That is the question.


Everyone says that snooping is something you should never do when your in a relationship. It invades privacy they say. There is no trust in your relationship if you have to go through his phone, labtop, pants pocket, etc.

There has yet to be any info as to why you SHOULD snoop. Until now….

1. If you are in a relationship and no one is telling lies, it shouldn’t be a problem to go through his phone. If your completely honest with each other, then there is nothing to hide right? Everything is out in the open so it shouldn’t be any reason for him to say no when you ask for his phone. People say it’s invading privacy but when it comes to matters of the heart, privacy goes to the waist side. If he doesn’t want to give up his phone and make excuses as to why you can’t see it, then he might be hiding something which confirms your suspicions. Might be time to look at it when he is in la la land drooling in his pillow.

2. It’s best to know now then later. Would you rather know now if he is cheating or wait until you have three children, get married, and buy a house? Find out now before you invest your all into the relationship.


 3. Snooping can make you have a piece of mind. There are times we can obsess over if he is cheating or not. After being cheated on a few times, our insecurities can get the best of us. We think every guy is dipping his foot in another woman’s pool. To clear your mind where you can concentrate and give your full attention on loving and caring for him….snoop! Look through his phone, check his Facebook and Instagram, sneak into his DM’s and see that he is not chatting it up with other women. That he only has eyes for you. Now you can move on and enjoy your relationship.

Some people would say this is so wrong. If you snoop, you will find something you don’t want to see. One thing for sure is, you will find out the truth. The truth is the truth no matter how you find it.



  1. such a double edged sword…you want to know the truth, and even in the most open relationship, if you have doubt then there must be a reason behind it…so you snoop. Maybe you find something and its justified. maybe you don’t, and youre in the wrong. it’s a gamble either way


  2. Snooping in the past has definitely left me to find some things I didn’t want to see! But the truth was there. Not sure how I feel about doing it now!


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