Are You Trying To Build-A-Man?

Have you seen that store in the mall all the kids gravitate too? The store with all the cute, little teddy bears? Oh, they have so many different types for children. And the best thing is, the kids can make their own little furry friend! They literally come in and build their bear. They come in pick out the color, the hair, the size, even down to how big they want it. And when they finish, their eyes glisten with happiness because they have their perfect bear. Awesome isn’t it?

  Have you found yourself doing this with the men in your life? You decide he is not quite as perfect as you want him to be. He is not as tidy as you want him to be. You can live with that. Or maybe he doesn’t have the same values as you. Marriage and children you see in your future, but for him it is a definite no.

   Some women see this as a challenge and try to change their man. Instead of taking what he says as his truth, some will decide to make him be the man they want. They will build their perfect man out of him and will die trying. I say die trying because you will spend every day up until your last trying to make him your ideal man.


Men are not dogs, you can’t whip them with a newspaper and train them to change their ways. Trying to change an adult’s way of thinking, values, personality, religion, etc is difficult.  If he doesn’t want to get married, you can’t change his mind. No kids? Doesn’t believe in God?


Who has time to change all of that?

  If you are with someone that you want to change, nine times out of ten he is not the right one for you. Being with the wrong person is even worse than being alone. Make sure the guy is the right one or you will be forever be miserable trying to make him “the one” for you. Do you really want to spend all that time building the perfect man when you could already be with the one that is made for you?


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