Say No To His Baby Mama Drama

You have found that perfect guy.  The one who makes you  delete and block all your exes, stop going out, and make home cooked meals every night because you know your Mama said the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. However, there is one bad seed in this bed of roses, he has kids. And not only kids, but with multiple women.


      Majority of men today have more than one child by more than one woman. It is just pure fact. Not putting all the blame on men, because of course  we gave birth to these children, but that is a whole ‘nother topic.

 Which Baby Mother Do You Have On Your Hands?

  • You got the one that actually wants do the right thing. She is very rare to find, but she is out there. The one that lets him see the kids and uses the child support on the children and not her weekly hair salon appointment.

  •    Then you have the one that is jealous that you are with her children’s father. The one that has a bitch fit because she doesn’t want you around the kids. Or she tries little tricks to actually be with him. Throw the vajayjay at him hoping he will catch it.

  •    Last is the one that causes so much drama that the police and the court is always involved. She is  the drama queen who won’t be happy until he is in jail. Every chance she gets she causes a scene.



   No matter how much you love him and how good he is to you, his baby mama can cause so much turmoil it can have you turn quickly on your Red Bottom’s and run away!

   Here are reasons why you should NOT date a guy with baby mama drama:99ff77_f59c0b999bd0433b9c455b3ace90f8a7~mv2

 1. YOU WILL NEVER BE NUMBER ONE No matter how hard you try to get on his list of priorities, his baby mama’s and children will always be number one. Want to go out on a date tonight? But she called and the child is sick, he has to pick up medicine. Kendrick Lamar concert is in town, sorry his little boy has a football game tonight. You will try your best, but you will never over ride them.

 2. MONEY   Money can be an issue especially if he has to pay so much money every month in child support he can’t do anything for you. No going away for the weekends, or him buying you gifts just to say he loves you. All of his money is getting deducted and put in her hand.

3. YOU CAN’T MAKE ANY DECISIONS ABOUT THE CHILDREN You can welcome the children in your home with open arms. Feed them, buy them birthday and Christmas gifts, even let them sleepover. No matter how close you get to those kids, your opinion on any matters pertaining to them is obsolete. It doesn’t matter that you think they need to go to a private school or need tutoring, or she wants to be in ballet instead of cheerleading. Doesn’t matter what you think. The decision is made between him and the mother.

4. THEY COULD GET BACK TOGETHER There is always that chance. And unfortunately it crosses your mind from time to time. What if they decide to give it another shot? So many couples get back together for their children. And since at some point in their lives they did actually like each other enough to have a child, a chit chat of reminiscing about the good ol’ days can spark a flame that hasn’t been lit in quite a while. Will you be willing to take that chance?

Dating a man with baby mama drama can be exhausting. It takes a strong woman to endure the stress and chaos that a baby mama drama can bring. You have to make sure if your man is really worth it.


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