3 Reasons Why Men Cheat 


The dreaded “C” word. No classmates, it’s not commitment. It’s cheating. The aftermath of cheating causes pain that hurts to the core. It’s hard to let go of that aching feeling in your heart.  Feelings of insecurity, mistrust, and confusion loom in her head. “What did I do wrong? What could I have done different?” Are many questions we ask ourselves after we find out our man has been sneaking out for another woman’s slice of chocolate pie.


    After the initial shock that he is cheating, you begin to wonder why. What would possibly be the reason for him to cheat on all this good good you got. What did you do? What did you not do enough? Hell, is it just him?


      Top Three Reasons Why Men Cheat  

1. The Same Routine

 You ever been with a guy and y’all do the same routine in bed. It starts off the same? He kisses you, you kiss him, and then you ride him until he reaches the mountain top. Sounds boring just reading it right? Spice it up a little bit.. Add some lingerie, buy a Karma Sutra book and try out some new positions. Incorporating food can open your taste buds and legs to new horizons. Believe me you will have his undivided attention spicing up your sex life.

2. Because He Can

 He cheated, you took him back,  and dammit he cheated again? A cheater can cheat once and never do it again. Then again, you have the ones that are habitual cheaters. They never learn from the first time. If you keep forgiving a cheater, chances are he will keep going outside the relationship. It’s okay to forgive the first indiscretion, but why stay with someone who continues the behavior? Now it is a definite choice to continue to betray your trust.

3. Lack of Appreciation 

Lack of appreciation and admiration can lead men into another woman s arms. Words of appreciation get lost sometimes when work, children, and every day life keep you busy. After you come from work and the kids are fed; all you want to do is go to bed. Everyone wants to feel validated, loved, and secure. Men want to feel the woman is pleased with what they are doing in the relationship. They want to be reassured that the woman is happy and satisfied. If they don t feel that appreciation and admiration, they might seek it elsewhere. Some women have a tendency to treat men like they are made of steel. Treat them like they can’t feel hurt or pain. “Take it like a man!” What does that mean? Shrug things off? Don’t let anything bother you? Men need someone to lean on too. They like their egos stroked. They want to be told that you are proud of them. It’s okay to pat them on the head and tell them they are doing a good job. You ever see a dog be so happy when their owner scratches them behind the ears and tells them, “Good boy!”? Maybe a bad comparison but it works in this moment!

These are the top three reasons why men cheat. Of course, if you ask a man they will come up with fifty five more reasons and majority of them will make no sense. Just remember, we can think of so many things to show our man we love him, but for some men they will cheat anyway. A lot of times, it is not us.


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